Online Media Planning

We have always found it troubling when ads break interrupted us while watching a movie on TV sets, just before some interesting scene or song to appear there on. Such ads were made to appear in order to generate funds from advertisers. But now, in the modern digitized world, the whole concept of ad campaigns has undergone a drastic change and Google has been spearheading such network(ed) campaigning efforts.

As such, advertising has drastically shifted its focus from print media to online advertising to a great deal and this is evident from the fact that researchers find the total Google earnings to be more than the whole American newspaper industry. In India too, we will come across the similar phenomena in years to come.

Hence, taking leverage from this corner, we at iWebMaster fully comprehend this scenario and our experienced pool of web professionals devise new plans to market your products and services. Besides, they are more than willing to work more closely with you in implementing the newly created ad plans and market strategies and even launch the online ad and marketing campaigns and carefully check the responses and user-clicks. Our media planners will not only locate the best of web places to publish the ad at but will also discuss with the google or some other publisher regarding some more fruitful and hence lucrative advertising ideas and concepts.

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