E-Commerce Solution

A few years ago in US, there was a deal for a meager $4.50 whereby a used and broken electronic pen was sold and back here in India, there was a previously owned furniture set of 5 sofa chairs, that changed hands for as low as Rs.2800. The bottomline is that on internet, there is a potential market for everything as the strength of tech savvy people is on rise. The concept of E commerce was started back in 1979 by Michael Aldrich and at that time,

people might not have imagined that in coming decades there would ensue an online and network based market that will give a new shape and meaning to traditional shopping.

In case of India, the tech driven circumstances are favourable as well as we have a potential base of more than 25 crore (250 million) users, who are at the same time not hesitant in carrying out online shopping. As a result, plenty of Indian manufacturers have set up their upfront IT face in form of a potential website to present their products and services before general public. Besides, as we now see a lot of well known public figures have been accrediting the online shopping stores hence there is a big potential in this industry too. But, as a matter of fact, though our society and economy has been digitized on a wide scale, but still we find a great deal of similarities between the traditionally large shopping structures and web stores. As the former aims at attracting and retaining the customer through sophisticated piece of friendly service, in latter case of web shopping as well, we come across the same trade principles. In e-commerce websites, there should exist a well manipulated order of information, right from beginning product indexes to payment pages as well and the user should be enabled to surf and skip through pages with undue ease.

Here, iWebMaster wish to introduce ourselves as we have been an IT company with years of experience in developing and maintaining E commerce portals .Till now, since our inception five years ago, we have catered to more than 68 mega E-commerce projects. We maintain a vast pool of skillful experts who have decades of experience in such challenging and crucial projects. We are proficient in providing a wide range of E commerce solutions to you. For instance, we can design shopping cart systems, online retail consulting with excellent product display and reporting, GUI, custom application development, E commerce gateway, interactive marketing and user visits analytical tools and so on. We make best use of IT tools and technologies to provide cutting edge benefits to our friendly clients.

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